Facilities Guide

Toshogu Koyoen

Koyoen Hotel

Toshogu Koyoen is a hotel that is directly managed by Nikko Toshogu. The hotel is situated in a red pine forest on a large tract of land that showcases the splendor of the four seasons. The space takes one away from the crowds and imbues guests with a sense of calm and tranquility. The hotel provides both Japanese-style and Western-style accommodations for guests in a timeless and relaxing environment.

Toshogu Treasure House

Treasure House

The Toshogu Treasure House stores and exhibits works of art possessed by Tokugawa Ieyasu; offerings from the imperial court, shogunate families, and feudal lords; as well as ritual implements and other items belonging to the shrine.

Toshogu Museum of Art

Museum of Art

About one hundred works of arts are on display, including paintings on cedar doors and sliding panels from the former shrine office as well as hanging scrolls and other items. Visitors can directly experience master works of Japanese painting. The building itself is also interesting, having been built on the metric scale using recycled cedar lumber from the area.

Toshogu Butokuden Hall

Butokuden Hall

This gymnasium serves as the Nikko Toshogu Dojo and is also used for the Nikko Kendo Tournament. It is registered as an official Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.